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Basket Decorating On Walls

Basket decorating on walls can add a new dimension to a room. Hanging a variety of different sizes can create a vibrant and natural look. I have many different styles, shapes, and colors collected over the years.

This page in the decorating tips section shares with you a couple of pictures of these great accessories hung in a series of an odd number, five. To be honest, I have hung these accessories in many different rooms throughout the years.

I love to do this to give a room a new look. This is also a great way to stay within your budget. Let's take a look at the first photo and series of five that are hung on a wall.

Hanging Baskets On Wall
There is no set pattern with this accessory. Notice the different sizes in this series. In this series, one big and four smaller ones were hung fairly close together.

The big one was put horizonal with a couple of smaller ones to the right and vertically. It wasn't designed symmetrical, which is another option for you. The longer cone one in underneath the larger one to give the wall some depth.

Different Look For Hanging Baskets
The second photo shows you another series of five. You can see how this accessory that was hung horizontally in the first picture, is now hung vertically.

Another larger one was hung vertically to create a new look. One of the options you have is to use different shapes along with color tones.

Match the tones with other decor such as furniture, floors, base boards, and accessories like picture frames. All of these combined together with matching shades, creates a great balance in a room.

One idea for you to think about throughout the year is to use these in different themes, holidays, and special occasions.

  1. coffee filters
  2. mail
  3. goodies such as hard candy, nuts, and of course healthy snacks
  4. collectable items such as shells, beach rocks
  5. personal items, nail polish, make up, eye care products
  6. For meals - use for breads or rolls, and desserts
hanging baskets in odd numbers
Decorating with baskets by either hanging them on a In reality, you can use baskets for just about anything. Another idea is to think about hanging them along, and up the stairs. This can be done in a straight row or also in a staggered pattern. On the page of hanging pictures on a wall - think in odd numbers, you can see a simple illustration of hanging pictures and creating a stair's effect.

Displaying your favorite accessories on walls, is simple and also fantastic for the budget.

I also like to think of decorating with accessories as the same as doing an outdoor landscape or garden project. Feel free to check out the site map of landscape solutions for you to get ideas and suggestions for your outdoor project.

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