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Beach Decorating Using Colors Of The Sand And Sea

When you think of the beach, what colors come to mind? I like to think of this theme and islands or Caribbean theme as two different color schemes. Caribbean colors are bright and bold, where the beach theme can be full of rich pastel colors. Ah, the soft pastel colors of blue and tan can create a wonderful atmosphere of the sand and the sea.

I like to create an open airy feeling using the pastel blues, whites, and light brown colors. You have a lot of options when decorating a house, condo, or cottage near the ocean.

This page will give you some ideas on how to use some different tones of blue which represent the sea. Add some tans and light browns which invites the thought of sand. Besides the blues and tans, white creates a crisp and cherry tone for different rooms.

Think about painting one room in white and using accents of different shades of blues and light browns. Bring in a small amount of secondary colors of light green and a soft yellow. Paint a couple of rooms in different shades of blue, accenting them with white wood work. Another room could be sponged or textured painted using the light tan and brown tones.

Plantation Shutters
Curtains and window treatments can be bright and cheery, and plantation shutters are a wonderful addition to a beach theme.

One of the nice things about a seaside theme is you don't have to live at the beach to have this theme in your home, apartment, condo. If you visit the ocean periodically, start collecting your favorite items.

An option you can do is something I have done. Put a small artificial tree on an accent table or counter. Put the ornaments all over the little tree and display them year around. Here are some beautiful ornaments. All from original photos and any of these would work great, especially in a theme base room.

When you begin thinking about how to decorate with this theme, think about what you enjoy. Do you like watching the seagulls or Pelicans? Do you enjoy the sunrises and sunsets?

People love collecting shells, rocks, driftwood, other other items along a coastline.

Taking each or all of these items and placing them around your living space creates the mood and style of the theme. On the home page there is a picture of a bowl with sand, shells and accent lighting.

The Ocean
Plaids And Stripes

Use a picture like the one above to create your color tones. Notice the shades of blue, as well at the wood frame. These colors can be used throughout your condo, cottage or house. Just like any indoor decorating project, plan your base color in your rooms or room. If you like the idea of the pastel blue tones as your primary color, paint the room in that color, accent with a white trim and ceiling.

I like using some white whicker furniture and create cushions that match some items that you may want to display. The second photos shows the colors of pastel look you can use. The soft stripe wallpaper creates a nice back drop, and will go well with the plaid tablecloth. Yes, thats right, plaids and stripes can go together.

Some of your shells can be displayed in different style jars. Add a few seaside decorations along with the bird house and shells, and the entire little accent will create a warm feeling.

Shells And Driftwood
Here is another idea using the same pastel look. The driftwood in the center creates an atmosphere of the beach. Scatter the shells in front of the driftwood and long the top.

This area could also have some accent lighting to showcase these items.

I decided to add a lobster trap on one side of the driftwood. The other side has a cork decor with seagulls. There are a couple of shells on the cork decor as well. definitely a theme for the ocean and a very simple idea to create on an accent table or window sill.

Three Sailors
Clock With Lighthouse
Ships and sailers and the sea go together. Model ships are great to display in this style theme. Go a little bit further and with the driftwood, display three sailers sitting along the driftwood.

This idea is great on a small coffee table or end table. Lighthouses are in many coastal locations. An entire theme of light houses can be used with pictures, figurines, a clock and other accents and accessories. Capture the colors of a couple of light houses and use these colors in your walls and accents. Collecting light houses and putting them on a focal point of a decorative fireplace, or shelf will highlight the beach theme.

Sand Tone Picture
Rustic Look

A single picture like the one above can capture the the tones of the sand. The soft frame is a great way to plan out your furniture with matching tones. The weave look inside the picture can also be used in matching a little darker tone furniture, such as dressers and chairs.

Use the blue in the bottle as well as the orange tone the shell as your secondary colors. Trim or woodwork can be painted in a light off white tone.

The second picture you can use in one room to create a beach theme. The picture has somewhat of a rustic look which you could create a rustic theme using some of the different color tones in the photo. This would be great in a bedroom.

Paint the walls an antique white, and the bedspread or comforter could be done in the blue tone. Accent with accessories in tan color and even a touch of green. Curtains could be done in a two tone stripe or even plaids.

I like to see live plants indoors in different themes. Depending on your climate and geographic location, go ahead and put some colorful pots of spices and herbs in your beach home. Incorporating some of your outdoor colors with your indoor tones gives you a complete look in an overall theme.

You can also consider a tropical or Caribbean theme. There is no set rule in decorating a beach theme indoor or outdoor area. I do like the ideas of a coastal area using the sea and sand colors in the overall look of a house, condo, or cottage.

One idea is each time you go to the sea or coastline, stop in a shop and grab a collectable item, or a Christmas ornament. Start displaying your figurines on a shelf.

If you are thinking about this type of theme, look around at all the accents and accessories you may already have, or are planning on purchasing.

Follow the guideline in design with odd numbers and also what complimentary colors will work for you. Doing any type of interior decorating is about taking your very own personality and what you enjoy, and creating an atmosphere that you can relax and have fun.

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