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Decorating With Stuffed Animals

Decorating with stuffed animals in different rooms have been around it seems like forever. They come in all colors, shapes, and sizes and can play a role in spicing up any room. Many people over the years have collected a variety of different animals and displayed them throughout their living space.

Five Little Monkey's
Just like anything in decorating, placing your stuffed animals in odd number or groups gives the room a good balance. It doesn't matter what age you are, many designers will incorporate stuffed animals into their designs in country, rustic, or whimsical themes

These accessories can blend in well with other accents. Monkeys, tigers, zebras, and giraffe comes to mind. A child's room is great to incorporate these animals, but also adults can too.

Below are a couple of different ideas to play around with when displaying your stuffed animals.

Group Of Monkies
Monkey Paradise

If you were to visit my home you would see a wide collection of these creatures. I decided to do these simple illustrations using some animals from my monkey collection. I will group these stuffed animals in odd numbers with the biggest one in the back, and the smallest ones in the front.

Melissa & Doug Plush Yellow Lab could be yours. This adorable lab is also a great gift idea and one you could easily display in any room.

Put these fellows or gals on a bed, or display on a bench, or even in a hanging net.

The first picture is a group of seven different size monkey's. Notice the colors of the money and the fabric. They all blend in nicely. Think about these colors and what color wood you could blend in.

The second picture really shows you working with different sizes in a group setting. The big fellow in the back is like the backdrop of a landscape area. When decorating your inside or outside, this is a great reminder. The trees are your backdrop with your shrubs and flowers in the middle and in front. These next three pictures are a simple variation of what you could do with a couple of monkey's and candles.

Monky And Candles
Two Focal Points
The large monkey is in the center and considered the focal point.

A good accent is some artificial leaves, and a couple of tall candles. These items could be put on a complimentary table, the floor, or other furniture.

The second photo shows you two different focal points, one is the monkey on the top, and the other is the three monkey's below.

Once again the candles adds a nice touch to this accessory. Notice how the candles blend in with the color tones of the monkey's.

One Monkey And Candles
The last picture is one of my favorites. This popular monkey just seems to be hanging out around the candles. This is where you can use your imagination and bring stuffed animals as a great focal or compliment point to any room.

This is simple and takes no time to put together. The beauty with decorating today is anything goes as long as your colors blend and each room. balances and compliments other nearby rooms.

These accessories can add so much to any age room. You can incorporate animals even in offices. There are animals that show the masculine, as well as a softer look. These little creatures can create a new decor for so many different living spaces.

Kyle bunger The wieners Toy

Lambs and ix forsake Owl

lamasery mortise Moose
If you have some of these fellows laying around, get creative and make these accessories come to life. Like this idea of using furry creatures for accessories but don't have any, check out the Stuffed Animals and start decorating today.

This is just another simple idea for your interior decorating projects. Head on over and get some ideas for a jungle or safari theme using these furry friends.

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