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Funky Rooms Decorating Ideas

Funky rooms decorating can be a lot of fun. Here are some simple ideas to add some zing to your interior space. The sky is the limit when it comes to ones imagination in decorating. If you love bright colors and love being a little crazy, go ahead and change a room.

different colored walls
Make the walls dance with different colors, add some dynamic fabrics and accents.

Every once in awhile I get in one of my moods to take a simple color decor in a room, and create a totally different look. Here are a couple of ideas for you to think about.

I wanted to create a funky tropical feel in this illustration. I decided to do the walls in all one color, and the rich blue tone sets the mood of the tropical look.

The comforter or bedspread is in a deeper blue tone which intensifies the warm climate mood. The different color pillows and their soft texture, allows you to bring in a couple of secondary colors. Warm yellows, light tangerine tones, and tropical lime shades compliment the blue walls.

Funky Tropical Colors
Now take the room to a new level with the ceiling. Play around with the idea of wallpapering a ceiling with sky paper.

If you wallpaper a ceiling, always consider having at least two people to do this project. Having murals done in a funky style room is also a great idea. Think about a mural on the ceiling or even one wall. I like the sky look on a ceiling as it gives a realistic feel to the room.

The two accent tables and dressers are done in light tangerine and a darker shade of orange.

Great balance with the blue foundation color and the complimentary colors of yellow, lime, and orange.

The orange tones become the primary complimentary color. Add a funky chair to the room, by adding a multi-color stripe or plaid fabric to the chair. If you want a solid color accent sitting area, consider a lime or yellow bean bag or a swivel chair.

Talk About Great Decor

Check out these accessories for an exciting new look. Great ideas for different themes.

If you like the sky look on the ceiling, think about creating a water color for the floor, great funky rooms in your living space. One piece flooring, tiles, or even different blue tones of carpet will work. If you use one piece flooring or tiles, consider softening the look and create a cozy feeling, by adding some light tan accent rugs. This allows the room to have a little sand feel to it. Funky ideas can create a relaxing mode just for you.

Different Color Walls
This illustration takes on a new look to any living space. Painting different colors on walls is becoming very popular. In doing a funky rooms project like this, it is important to think about colors that will blend and compliment each other.

Of course you can go a little more neutral shades with your floor if the orange tone is too much. The furniture and other accents should compliment each wall color.

White furniture would give the room a clean and crisp feel. Whicker bed and chairs would give you the beach look. If doing four color tones, I like to pick out one color to become the primary color in the room.

I chose the orange family with a melon tone. The floor and one wall done in this color family. You can do any color family as long as the entire room blends well. Simple decorating ideas for funky rooms.

It takes a little imagination and creativity, but one that anybody can do. If you want a change in a room, funky decorating could be just the right solution for you.

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