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Lime Color Sage Tone Hunter Shade

Green And Three Shades - Lime, Sage, And Hunter

Green is such a popular color both inside and outside. Today there are so many different colors to choose from when decorating your living space. If you have gone into a paint or wallpaper store or researched colors on line, you know it can be overwhelming trying to match this shade with that shade.

Lime, sage, and hunter are three very attractive colors that are used in a variety of different accents and accessories. One of the decorating trends now is to blend in different shades of one color in a room or throughout your living space. Think about taking a base primary color and working with the softer or darker tones of that color.

There is so much you can create using one base color and taking different variations of that color. Three of the most popular shades of green are lime, sage, and hunter.

green plant for interior decor
green and orange color bedroom
lime green bathroom
The next three photos display a bright lime tone.

Lime is a hot color and many other colors will blend in well. Live plants in the same tones create a wonderful accessory in any room.

The bedspread or comforter in the second picture makes a vibrant bold statement. The orange and brown tones create a dynamite compliment to the lime green walls.

The two plants on the end tables gives the room the simple look. Great contrast and balance. Artificial or live plants can be used.

The third photo is a neat option for a bathroom. A great idea with the lime tiles and shag style rug. The white pedestal sink compliments the border. The fuchsia color acts as an accessory color. Simple ideas result in a great look.

Green Decorating And Remodeling This is a great book for understanding the concept of going green.

Ideas and quality information for you. The book is also a wonderful gift idea any time of the year. Great reading for a reasonable price.

green tones and coffee cups
The photo on the right shares an easy way to use coffee or tea cups, and blend in different green tones. Three shades compliment the brown in the cups.

If you want to blend in different shades of one color, accessories and accents is a great option. Each one must compliment the other to create a well rounded room.

Soft green tones in bedroom
Hunter green bedroom
The bedroom is a wonderful place to incorporate this family. Two bedrooms and two totally different looks.

The first photo is a soft and warm look. The two tone green comforter and wall behind the bed compliment the walls.

Neutral colors throughout a room can add warmth. room. The molding and baseboard or woodwork is an off white. Off white will create a cozy feel compared to a stark white.

The second picture is a classic example of hunter tone. The deep color carpet matches the striped wallpaper. The dominant white bedspread with a little hunter shade, gives the room an overall balance. Darker wood furniture works well to blend in with the hunter tone.

You can take your favorite color and create your own look using a base color that has different color pigmentation added. This trend is being done in fabrics of curtains, furniture, and other materials. When we think of primary colors we think of the basic tones of red, blue, and yellow.

Green is actually considered a secondary color, even though it is used as a base color in so many different decorating ideas. With the shades of sage, lime and hunter, different colors are put together to create these tones.

Lime has yellow added, sage has brown added, and hunter has black added. These mixtures create the beautiful blend you see today in so many decorating products.

Whether you use sage, hunter, lime, or a combination of two or three of these colors, blending in different shades of a primary color will give you more options with your accents and accessories. Feel free to check out some other color decorating ideas.

Don't be afraid to do different color schemes throughout one room. The most important aspect of any interior project is to create a living space with what you like. It also doesn't matter if the area is in a personal or professional area, this is your own space that you will work or relax, so make the most of what you enjoy and implement it into your interior.

Lime Color Sage Tone Hunter Shade


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