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Hanging Pictures On A Wall - Think In Odd Numbers

Hanging pictures on a wall creates a personal touch to any room. There are some basic guidelines, and one of the most important aspect is to create any accessory in odd numbers. This page may give you some simple tips on how to place your pictures or have a picture that is a focal point. Use your pictures and frames to compliment the rest of the room. Do not let this project be complicated. Let's start out with a few ideas.

Below are a few questions that come to mind when hanging pictures. One of your main goals is to be able to see the pictures. Don't put them too high or too low. Walk into any room and look at where your pictures are hung. Can you see them or are you looking up or down? This is the area where balancing a room comes into play. Your focal point needs to be seen as well as your complimentary pictures.

  1. What is the length and width of the walls?
  2. What are the size of your photos?
  3. Do you have a theme in your room?
  4. Do you have one or two pictures you want to use as focal points?
  5. Can you place all the same size pictures on one wall?
  6. Are you blending in your frames with colors that match your foundation tone and complimentary colors?
I have vaulted ceilings in three of my rooms. I like to position pictures above furniture so when someone enters the room, they are looking at the total room, wall color, accents and accessories.

Below are a few simple drawings of different ways to hang pictures on a wall. The rectangles can represent any size, but I wanted to give you a few examples so you could see placement as well as different sizes.

Series Of Three Pictures On Wall
Series Of Five Pictures On Wall

The first picture above shows you three different rectangles. The larger rectangle, which would be your focal point is in the middle. (this could be an 11x14, or and 8x10) The two smaller rectangles act as complimentary pictures.(5x7 or 4x6)

Noticed how I positioned them. They are not even and slightly staggered. Each smaller one overlaps the center one horizontally. This is great for a small wall area.

The second picture shows you five same size rectangles. This is a great idea for a large and possible longer wall.

Five wood, chrome, gold, silver, or matching color frames would work well on this type of situation. Once again the photos aren't aligned straight. They are staggered and another great way to balance your wall.

Different Size Frames On Wall
Stairs Effect Pictures On Wall

In the first photo there are three rectangles. Two are vertical frames and great to use in a series of three. The center rectangle is once again the focal point.

This series of three can be put in almost any situation when hanging pictures. Don't be afraid to mix and match different vertical and horizonal frames. The key is to have a good visual balance, as well as placement of each picture.

The second photo I like to call the stair focal point. The rectangles represent the look of stairs and a progressional downward motion. This style of picture hanging is great besides stairs, different levels of a house, condo, or apartment. The series of five rectangles are balanced out well.

Great Center Focal Point Of Pictures On Wall
The last picture shows you a series of three rectangles. There is another progression in this photo. The larger rectangle is a great focal point, surrounding the smaller frames.

This particular setting can be done in different series, three, five, seven, and even nine frames. Of course it will depend on your wall space.

Take one wall and decide how many pictures you want on that wall. Think about if you want any other accessories on that particular wall. If you have a theme room, hanging photos throughout the area creates a great overall look and feel.

The key is, Balance - Balance- Balance. Do not over power the picture by the color of the frame. Wooden frames are very popular today. Match your color of the wood frame from tones of your furniture or possibly hard wood floors. Make sure you check out other accessories in decorating.

Hanging pictures or other accessories in a room should also be considered during your planning phase. You do not have to decide on the exact colors and sizes when painting or wallpapering.

When putting your foundation on your walls, try and visualize what type of pictures and frames you would want in that particular room. This is where you can begin to see the overall plan of interior decorating, your base foundation, your accents, and your accessories.


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