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Harvest Gold - 1970s - Decorating Ideas

Harvest gold stoves, burnt orange shag rugs, ah, the 1970's and the past. Two questions for you. How many of you remember the gold or avocado colored stoves? Here's the second question. How many of you still have either color?

If you do still own these treasures, don't be tempted to order out when you have company and take that blanket or sheet and drape it over the stove with the,"out of order" sign on it. It is time to get a little creative with older appliances, walls, and furniture and give yourself a make over that you can be proud of.

Gold Tones
Burnt Orange

How? I am notorious for decorating rooms using older accents and colors. I wanted to share with you a few ideas and tips that not only will give you a new look, but will keep the money where it belongs, in your wallet.

Think to a couple of hot decorating items of the 1970's. Of course there are many more that may come to mind.

  • Paneling - 60's and 70's
  • Lava Lamp
  • Those wonderful harvest gold and burnt orange colors
  • square tile floors with little specks in them throughout each tile
  • Different patterns in one piece floor
  • Heavy drapes throughout a living space
  • Duck decor, country, Amish, strawberries, and apples
The Collectible '70s: A Price Guide to the Polyester Decade is a dynamite book that takes you truly down memory lane. So many fads have come and gone, but the 1970's had so many new and different trends.

This is a dynamite book that you can get some great ideas in setting the mood for this theme.

Take a step back in time and get some great suggestions on what was in and what wasn't during this special decorating era.

Do you have these existing colors and not quite sure what to do with them? Are you thinking about a room to bring back into the harvest gold and other seventies tones.

Let's go ahead and plan your changes or new adventure into the past. Think about your existing furniture and other accents and accessories. I want to take you through a few ideas to think consider.

Here is an idea for those of you with the seventies colors in your living space. There are different ways you can go about giving a room or rooms a new look. Let's take an example of a kitchen that has the harvest gold stove.

Warm Harvest Gold Tones
Sage Green

Gold tones are warm and can be used in different shades to soften a room or bolder colors of this family to make a statement. Your walls can go lighter in a cream tone to take away any focal point of the stove.

Add some soft or darker sage green tones for your accents and accessories. If you want a brighter and more dynamic look, give the green a bolder look.

1970's harvest gold kitchen
Ah, the harvest gold kitchen. The ultimate in decorating in the 1970's. The wallpaper, stove, and countertop was the focal point in the kitchen area.

You can create a look of the seventies with the this theme using updated appliances. Create the look with wallpaper or using a gold tone paint.

Large sunflower wallpaper was an in thing during this decade. The country theme is a hot trend now and you can easily incorporate sunflowers into your decor.

1970's gold shag rug
The shag carpet highlighted floors in the seventies. Burnt orange or deep gold tones lined many rooms in homes and apartments.

One of the accessories available today is accent rugs made out of shag carpet. This is a great decorating idea to create this particular theme.

1970's beads
The 1970's colorful beads hanging from the ceiling or along a door way. How many of you remember these beads? The special lighting that created the mood and of course the music. Seems like a long time ago, but using these different accents and accessories allows you to step back in time and enjoy the past.

The page I have on strawberries, has some harvest gold tones. This could give you some ideas for using different color tones with the stove.

As you think about redecorating your room, look at all the aspects of the room, your ceiling, floor, walls, and other accents. If you paint the walls in a cream color or a neutral tone, use the harvest gold to play as a complimentary color. Besides the stove, your curtains and chair pads could also have the gold in them.

Instead of ignoring and being frustrated with the stove, blend in matching gold tones with accessories that you use in the kitchen. Blue is another color that can be used for an accent with the harvest gold.

Now, let's say you love the 70's decor and you want to create a room from this era. Obviously it might be a little difficult right now to purchase a harvest gold stove, avocado, or teal tone appliance that was so popular in the 70's.

Go with the white, black, or chrome appliances, and bring the gold one in with your floors and furniture.

I like the idea of using greens and burnt orange in other accents and accessories with this project to create the atmosphere of the seventies.

Picture soft gold tone hard wood floors and rich wood tone cupboards. Light sage green walls and counter tops that balance with the floor and walls.

Even consider putting a lava lamp on an accent table or counter top. Bring in some accent rugs with the shag look.

The shag rugs off the hard woods will bring you back to the seventies.

Go ahead and use ducks, apples, or a country look with napkin holders, salt and pepper shakers, and other accessories.

Hang pictures of the era with the wooden frames. All styles of wood were popular with picture frames. Using a couple of different themes in one room will work also. Feel free to check out some other ideas for themes in a room or group of rooms.

Use a little creativity and if you have lived through the seventies, think back to what you had around your home. Recreate this and you can truly step back in time.

Harvest gold was a big color in the 1970's. Play around with your existing room or new room and use the yellow and gold family, burnt orange, and green tones. Adding a theme of accessories will bring your room to a new dimension. I hope this page gives you simple and easy ideas to create a 70's look that you can be proud of.


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