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Interior Decorating Simple Ideas

Are you looking for everyday interior decorating ideas and tips? Have you ever walked into a room in your living space and scratched your head and thought, "I need a change. It's boring, way out of date, how can I afford to change this room?"

Now is the time to think about decorating on a dime. Many interior projects can be stressful and expensive, not anymore.

This site is your ultimate decorating guide with simple techniques and ideas on how to create an affordable look and feel you can enjoy.

The place you live in is where you laugh, entertain, relax, and more importantly, are proud of. Your inside sets the tone for waking up in the morning, relaxing in the evening, and enjoying day to day living.

Color Wheel, Room Decorating, Walls And Ceiling

One of the first steps you do when decorating a room, think about the colors. Today there are so many different shades and tones to choose from. Your main goal painting a room and matching the accents and accessories, balance and blend in the colors. The color wheel provides the basis to branch out from primary colors. Simple ideas to help you enjoy your every day living.

Each room has the potential to have it's own unique character. The master bedroom is a place for relaxing. Choose colors that will help you unwind at night. Easy tips for a variety of different rooms.

Sponge painting is still popular today. Blend in one, two, or even three colors. Sponge one wall, or all four walls. Get some ideas on wallpaper borders. Learn how to properly remove carpet. Simple secrets are preparing your walls to paint. Have you thought about doing a room with wallpaper and paint? Different options for you.

Kid's Corner, Party Decorating, Themes

Children's rooms are a very special place for kids. A key to a happy decorating experience is to let your child help with picking out colors. Learn the little secrets of nursery decorating to save money. A toddler's room can be fun, educational, warm and cozy. Simple ideas for that special one.

Are you thinking of having a party? Do you and your friends get together for a game night? Ideas for different occasions that will help make your party a success.

Themes are so popular today. Use one theme throughout your entire space. Each of your rooms can have its own style and different decorating scheme. Ideas that surely will get your creative juices flowing.

Accents, Accessories, Decorating Tips

Once your walls, ceiling, and floors are done, you can think about using different accents throughout rooms. Wood furniture should blend in with picture frames, and floor. Many different ideas to get your next project started.

Accessories finish off your rooms. Candles, silk or fresh flower arrangements provide you with the opportunity to create a complete room. Stuffed animals and arranging them to fit the rest of the decor. Shower curtains and towels, along with pillows provide an additional spark to different rooms.

The holiday's are a great time to show off your own personality. Valentines, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and of course the Christmas season. Learn about Kwanzaa and Hanukkah ideas and much more.

The key to successful decorating lies in three simple words.

Plan - Prepare - Enjoy!

The first step to any project whether inside or out, is to plan. You don't have to do every single detail, but go through a draft of three different areas of decorating.
  1. Your foundation - walls - ceiling - floors
  2. Accents - furniture - lights - accent wall wallpaper
  3. Accessories - pillows -collectables - throw rugs
Lights In Bowl
New Kitchen
Here is a very simple accessory for a beach theme. Glass dish with sand, add some shells and miniature lights.

Fill the bowl with sand. Add shells throughout the sand. Place the white lights around the shells. A cozy mood setter for the evening hours.

A small space and arranging furniture can be very challenging. Learn the little secrets behind fitting furniture in a tiny area.

As author of www.landscape-solutions-for-you.com the concept of bringing your personality from the inside out also can be said for bringing colors from your gardens or landscape inside.



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