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The Old Time Look - Create Your Nostalgia Decor

Ah, to go back in history and see all the old decor. Well we know that can't happen, but we can take an old piece of furniture or a silver or chrome tone picture frame and create an entire room with a nostalgia mood to it.

There are options that you can do to recreate time and different decorating themes throughout generations.

I am a softy for collecting air looms from my family. I also enjoy creating different colors to incorporate with antique accents and accessories.

Decorating any room always begins with a plan. Old time decorating can take a little different approach than the modern era decor. Bold colors made a statement on the walls today, and also create the focal point of a room. Pastels soften the look of a room.

Create The Look
Blue Willow Plate

With the nostalgia decor incorporating a variety of accents and accessories can become your focal point, and the walls an accent. I like to look at old time decorating this way. You can create a great look with some old furniture, pillows and other items. This will also help your wallet and allow you to stay within a budget.

Let's take a look at a few different ideas to get you thinking about creating your very own antique look in a room or two. I will show you three different possibilities of accents and accessories that can create a focal point in a room. When I think of old time decor and decorating, lace, large floral print wallpaper, unique pieces of furniture, delicate china, and classic characters. Here are a few of these items and ideas on decorating with them.

A plate from the classic Blue Willow collection. This collection originated in England and this set was my grandmothers. I am honored to have them, and they are also displayed on a buffet in our dining room. The blue and white tones, and detailed pattern creates a wonderful focal point in a room. The room could be painted in an antique off white color or a soft and light blue tone paint.

Dark And Light Blue Tone
Blue Accents

These two blue tones can be used in bringing in your accents or accessories. The idea of a Nostalgia theme below can be a kitchen or a dining room. The two colors above can be mingled throughout the room.

I added some solid blue glass items on a lace scarf, along with a wooden napkin holder. The napkin holder matches up well with the wooden buffet. Notice how I positioned the plate and glassware. The taller pieces are in the back and you gradually go down in size.

The buffet acts as a great backdrop for a nostalgia theme. You can also introduce another color or create other accessories using silver. An old silver pitcher or vase of fresh flowers positioned in another part of the rooms, creates a great color balance.

Silver Pitcher
The silver pitcher also matches with the silver tops of the salt and pepper shakers above. A nostalgia salt and pepper shakers that would work well in this theme, such as Coca-Cola.

A big bold blue and white floral wallpaper would also set the tone of the room. The wallpaper could have different tones of blue or also bring in another color. The curtains could match your wallpaper but be careful not to let the room become overpowering.

I usually recommend a solid color or two tone color curtains when you have a floral wallpaper. You can use pillows to match the wallpaper.

Jewlery Box
You can match or compliment wood floors, accents and accessories. This shelf provides the atmosphere to take you back in time. Great buy and great reviews.

This is a old time jewelry box, and I put a couple gold necklaces hanging from the drawers.

The baby shoes represent the oldness of the jewelry box.

The jewelry box can become the focal point of a room. The walls can soften the look of the wooden box by adding a a neutral color which can also give you that old time feel.

I love this wooden sign to compliment the wood nostalgia stereo. Simple accessory for your wall that blends and balances the room. Of course I am a little partial to gardening signs.

This is a great way to decorate in the old time look and feel. There are many other accessories in our Inside Out Old Time Decorating section. Think about creating a crackle effect. The carpet stays within the soften look with a neutral color. The gold from the necklaces can also be brought out in other accents and accessories.

A few black and white pictures in gold frames enhances the main color tones. Here is a comb, brush, and mirror which also creates the mood of this room.

Gold Comb, Brush, and Mirror
Antique Radio

Another option using these tones, is to paint your wall in a soft primary color. Warm up the color with a light green, or yellow tone. The yellow or green will compliment the gold in your accessories.

Window Decorating
Ideas Book
Curtains and window treatments also can play a big role in accenting this theme.

Kathleen Stoehr and Charles Randall create this fantastic book on decorating your windows. I highly recommend this book for any theme base room. Customers have given these two authors a five star rating. Great resource book for your everyday decorating.

Many of the curtain styles in this era were lace and heavy drapery. Today, you can still get lace and heavy fabric curtains.

Other options are wooden shutters to match the furniture. The curtains need to compliment your other fabrics or furniture you use in the room.

Some of you may collect antique radios or other items. Taking these items and using them as a focal point, can give you a great sense of ownership to the room. This photo shows you two different radios with a set of three silver framed pictures.

This type of decor can be transformed into a spectacular looking room by matching the color of the the middle picture frame with your wall color. The radio dial on the top radio also blends in with the tone of the frame. The golden shades of both will be a soothing look on your walls and ceiling.

Your ceiling paint could be a couple shades lighter or darker than your walls. Changing the color tones of your walls and ceiling, creates a unique look for you. Each of these ideas are just a small portion of the possibilities of creating an old time look in a living space.

Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy are two classic characters that can take one back in time. The dolls can create an exciting area for your child.

In theme decorating, be open to the idea of intermingling different themes.

I have designed a nostalgia theme and added some color and accents from a safari theme. You can even put a little modern feel on your walls to bring in color.

Your goal is not too make a room to complicated, but to balance the room with color using complimentary accents and accessories.

Check out all the other themes you can decorate. Your interior space will reflect your own personality. Nostalgia and decorating doesn't have to be a challenge. If you have some things in your house that look worn, create an area where those items aren't stacked in a corner, but positioned to give you a great addition to your home decor.

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