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Party Game Night, Set The Mood

Party game night, the right food and decor allows a great evening with friends or family. When planning a get together there are so many different decorating ideas and themes you can do.

A great option for you is to create a night where you have a variety of different games available for your guests throughout the evening. This can be done with any age group.

I wanted to share with you some simple ideas on taking different activities for adults and creating a fun filled yet relaxing evening for everyone to enjoy.

You may be thinking, "how do I coordinate decor with playing games in an evening?" One of the first things you do is to think about what type of activities you and your friends or family enjoy.

Once you have decided it would be fun to have different areas of your living space that people can play a game or two, and move on to the next activity.

Question for you, how many of you play cards with other people.? You might do this once a week, once a month, get together taking turns at each others home, apartment, or other living space.

This is such a great way to plan a party by decorating and food that will set the tone of the evening. Below is a few ideas for you with decor, food, and games.

Poker Party Game Night
Texas Hold'em

Ah, the poker night. Poker can be a fun game to play with a group of people, when it is a regular guys evening, or friends gathering.

Above is two different ideas to create the focal point of the evening. So where do you go from here? When I do any type of a gathering of friends or family, I will look at what three different aspects of creating a fun and relaxing time.

  1. Food
  2. Atmosphere
  3. Music
A little more thought on poker night. Think of how you want to set the mood for the evening. Food and drink is usually a given at any type of party game night. I like the idea of snacks, hor devours, appetizers, or items like wings or pizza. Peanuts, pretzel, and other snacks create a great mood to play an evening of poker.

Go informal and buy plates and napkins that will match the poker theme. Even pick colors that would match a board or cards you will be playing with.

Accent lights and other low lighting allow the room to have that game style appeal. Of course you need enough light to see, but create an atmosphere that will be relaxing and not over bearing with heavy lighting. Is there any other decor you may have around your living space that would add to the mood of poker night? Pictures, collectables, or other accessories that would blend into the poker theme?

Music can also set the tone of an evening. Consider some jazz or blues, or stick with whatever you and your guests enjoy listening to.

Checkerboard And Checkers
Chess Board

Well, if poker isn't your thing, how about something a little simple, such as checkers or chest. Easy to set up and something you can have displayed throughout the year as well.

Wine Game Kit
All You Need Is The Wine

Crystal Clear Shot Glass
Shoots And Ladder
Bar Game Set

Proactive Pardoku
Golf Game

Above are three dynamite party game night entertainment for you to play. These games can be played at any type of theme base party, and of course geared toward adults.

Great values for many happy times. Also each one is a wonderful gift idea for that special someone.

The big checkerboard can be a hit, and even get a tournament going. Chess is a little more intense game, but both can be relaxing and one that people can take turns playing. The big checkerboard can be purchased at certain specialty places and is inexpensive.

There are a wide varieties of different chess boards available. This particular chest board we got in Mexico, and is a big hit at party game night. Now what to do for food, atmosphere and music at a party game night?

To me this can be an any goes evening. Think about cooking country with your favorite country dishes. BBQ and cooking on a fire pit will work. Bring on the country music. If you don't have any country decor or even southwestern, consider going to discount and bulk stores and create an atmosphere for a country flare.

Favors can be made using the country theme as well. Use your imagination and find a theme you think everyone would like and play off the theme with your food and decor.

Game Playing Cards
Finally, one of the most popular party game nights is cards. There are so many different party game night variations you can play.

Two of my favorites are Euchre and Pinochle. Of course Bridge is another popular card game. There are many board games out today that will make a great event for an evening. An evening of cards are one of my favorite things to plan for. Here are a couple of ideas for you.

Make a theme out of each night you get together. It could be an International theme where you can have accessories around, table setting, attire, and of course music.

Your meal can consist of authentic food from the country or geographical location you choose. Another idea is to have a party game night using a tropical theme.

You can either go formal with the meal, or informal. Do a sit down dinner, buffet style, or if the weather is nice, deck, patio, or porch night.

Your music can be anything that matches the theme and the game or games you are playing.

No matter what your favorite games are, plan on taking your evening event to the next level. Combine the game or games with food, atmosphere through decor and music, and create a wonderful evening for your friends or family.

Anything goes today, but a little blending in all these ingredients, results in a memorable and wonderful time by everyone.

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