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School Age Children - Decorating Rooms To Please

School age is one of the fastest times to see children change in so many areas of their lives.

Decorating ages five through pre-teens can be one area that can be fun with children.

I remember when our two daughters were growing up, the constant change of color schemes themes. One of the biggest challenges was if you want to stay up with the trend. I think from time to time we all want that for our children when they are growing up.

Today there seems to be so many more fads and trends, that it is hard to keep up with. I give parents of growing children a lot of credit these days. Anyways, let's talk about a few ideas for when decorating a school age child's room, and how to possibly save some money for you.

Ideas For School Afe Room Decorating

This illustration just gives you a couple of ideas. If you look at the illustration you will see where I have suggested putting a border of your child's art work.

This can be a fun idea as well as a great self-esteem for a child. Now you might be thinking, "if I put art work up as a border, I am going to have to be changing it, and possibly ruin the walls."

Solution - put a ten to 12 inch width cork board around the top or center of the room. This takes care of the problem of ruining paint or wallpaper on the walls. You can cut the cork board to the size you want, and apply it the way you would any other border.

An important suggestion for your school age child, blend your colors so they are soothing to the child. Allow the child to pick out his or her favorite color. Once again in your mind you may be thinking, "A bold color like that would be awful for the walls."

Use his or her favorite color to accent the room. This could be in furniture, rugs, and lights.

You could also use his or her favorite color as accessories. Photos, frames, pillows, stuffed animals, and other toys or decorations.

Thinking back on our two daughter's years in education, goodness how their interests changed. The girls got to pick out their favorite accessories and accents for their the room.

When it comes to the walls of your school age child,. think about the adjoining rooms. Three things of importance when painting your school age child's room.

  1. Blend in the color of the room with other rooms close by.

  2. Let the child have some identity to the color of the room.

  3. Consider sponge painting a wall with his favorite color as a secondary or third color in the sponge paint.
Each of these items are vital to pleasing both your child and yourself. Be open to the fact that you may end up painting the room a few times over the next few years. I am not saying to give in and paint every year.

One of the things I didn't mind doing was allowing both girls to pick out their own bedspread or comforter. I would set down the rules and when we bought the bedspread, explain that if they want this bedspread it will be on their bed for at least two years.

It was a commitment for both the girls and myself. If in two years, they wanted something else, then we would hand down the bedspread to family or friends, or give it away to others in need.

However you decide once your child is a school age of course is up to you and your budget. Having been a mother of two children going through all the changes of each year. Also a lead child development teacher. I have done decorating consultations with children and their parents. A winning team is to have both parents and children involved in making their rooms comfortable, enjoyable, and a true sense of ownership.

Let your child feel proud to have his or her room, even if they are sharing a room with a sibling. Make decorating a fun family project.

To recap, possibility of cork board as a border. This will allow the room to grow with the child. A favorite color can be done in accents or accessories, and blend the colors of your child's room with adjoining rooms. I hope this article has given you some ideas for your school age child. The best of luck to you with the ever changing minds of children.

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