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Toddler And Pre-School Decorating, Ideas For A Room

Toddler and Pre-school decorating can be a lot of fun. There are so many different themes and colors to choose from today. It has been quite a few years since our two daughters were two, three, four and five years old. This is a time when your young son or daughter is changing so rapidly.

Their motor skills are developing as well as the development of all their senses. Decorating a room to keep up with their development is a great way to create not only a place to sleep and relax, but a learning center for the child to grow in a positive environment.

Color plays such an important role in development. One of the problems in decorating a child's room, they can outgrow the theme or color of a room so fast.

One option of planning is to go with a base color throughout the first five years or so. Keeping it in a neutral or soft tone, allows you to have the same color for awhile. You can change some of the accents and accessories. If you are thinking about a theme for your young child, pick out a theme that he or she can grow with. Below are a few suggestions for some educational accents and accessories.

Educational Accents And Accessories
Expand on the theme as he or she develops in both their motor and cognitive skills. A problem that many of us have had is the size of the bedroom.

If you have limited space, plan on one or two special items besides the standard furniture of a crib, bed, and dresser.

Remember, as toddlers and pre-schoolers, there world is centered around exploring. Create a bedroom that they can develop their own personality.

A small sand table is a wonderful idea. Now I know what some of you are thinking, "this is crazy as there will be sand all over the place."

Sand tables today come in many different sizes with lids on them. Put a decorative cloth, tarp, or other material to protect the floor. The best material is something you can sweep or vacuum up.

If the sand table is too much and not right for your room and child, one item I highly recommend is a book shelf. This is where you can bring in your creativity of a theme that your child can grow with.

Decorate the book shelf and have books that you can read to your toddler, as well as your child can explore on his or her own. Reading is one of the most important aspects of child development.

Another idea is a desk that your child can grow into. There are many different styles and sizes that are available today. This is a great way to introduce some structure into their day, especially during the pre-school years.

A chalkboard with an easel develops creativity. Purchase different color chalk for your toddler or pre-schooler. Using different colors allows visual to develop as well as eye and hand coordination. Ah, the relaxation chair is great for downtime. A bean bag chair will work and you can also incorporate color and theme with the bean bag chair.

Finally, a play area if room permits. The play area should be spaced away from the bed, as this is a wonderful identification for your child to come to to explore and expand in development. If you don't have room in his or her bedroom, plan an area of your living space that he or she can identify as his or her very own.

Decorating your toddler of pre-school child's room can be something that is done together. You don't have to go out and buy all expensive furniture.

One of our oldest daughters friends bought a beautiful house.

They have two small girls and decided instead of a dining room, they made this room into a play room for the girls.

What a wonderful idea that both of the girls can identify in their new home. Once the girls get older, they will transform the play room into a dining room.

One final thought is music.

Music is a universal language, and this is a fantastic way to teach children about their own culture as well as others. Introduce different styles of music early on.

Allow your child to have music in their rooms. Music is soothing for some children to fall asleep and relax.

Purchase a few inexpensive instruments, as this will teach different sensory skills. Display the instruments in an area that is excepted for play time. The above are some simple ideas to create a wonderful learning atmosphere for your young child.

Pick out colors that will develop along with your child, as well as accents and accessories that that your child can use at the present time and grow into in the coming years.

In the baby and infant page, I talk about using simple foundation colors. This is also true when decorating a toddler and a pre-schooler's room.

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